Key Things To Remember During a Car Accident in Vancouver Wa

Car accidents commonly and quickly result in immediate chaos following the event. Both drivers and passengers alike are always affected to some degree, and witnesses could be impacted as innocent bystanders. In fact, actual damages from a car accident can include mental anguish along with any physical injuries that are suffered. Even when a crash occurs seemingly out of nowhere, it is still important for all witnesses and victims to remain calm in as much as is possible, and remember a few basic issues that may arise. All accidents are unique in some aspect, but there are also generalities that apply to each incident, with the primary aspect being a police investigation or potential necessity of medical technicians to treat injured passengers. And of course, it is always a good decision to know beforehand what car accident attorney in Vancouver Wa you would call in such an emergency, especially when personal injuries are a result.

Stay at the Scene

Any auto accident that produces injuries requires the involved drivers to stay at the scene until authorities arrive. Always inspect other vehicles for injured passengers when necessary, but refrain from being social with the other parties. Car accidents involve several legalities and every accident detail can impact compensation claims.

Take Photos

A cell phone can be a good tool for documenting the scene of an accident. Even pictures of tire marks on the highway can help in certain cases. Always remember the photos are personal property, so do not offer them to the police when they conduct the investigation. They will actually be looking for evidence that a cell phone was in use at the time of a crash, as Washington state has enacted a new distracted driving law that puts cell phone usage in a vehicle on a par with impaired driving when an accident occurs.

Answer Questions Directly

Not only is it important to not discuss the accident with other drivers, but it is also important to answer police investigation questions according to what is asked. Use yes or no answers when possible and do not embellish. It is also acceptable to stop answering officer questions until after conferring with an experienced car accident attorney in Vancouver Wa regarding the details of a potential legal case. Statements made to officers could be included in the official accident report and defendants can use statements in defense when the accident claims are being settled.